April 4, 2008

My first post...and a BIG thank you!!

So, with a bit of a push from my buddy Jessie (knightrone on SCS), I have decided to join the wide, wonderful world of blogging!! I thought it was only appropriate to post this picture of a GORGEOUS card, and some goodies, that I received from Jessie today!!
I also need to acknowledge my dear, darling BFF, Dina (Mrs.Noodles on SCS), who, at lunch today, helped me come up with my blog name!!
Thanks for visiting!!

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  1. Ya, that's me, always pushing people into doing things they don't really wanna do!!! Like singing stupid songs at midnight!!LOL
    Congrats again girl on all the wonderful things that are happening to you right now!! I luv ya!!!MWAHHH


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