April 24, 2008

Thank you for being a friend...

Hi everyone!! I just have to share what I received today from Jessie aka Knightrone on SCS! She sent me this GORGEOUS card and all of the wonderful goodies pictured here!! Is she not the best!!! She sent me this goodie package to congratulate me on my *dirtiness*! What a friend!! She is such a wonderful person and one of my biggest cheerleaders!!
Jessie and I have a habit of pm'ing each other whenever we are both on SCS at the same time, and to be honest, I have no idea how it started, but we end each pm with lyrics of a song!! So, I just had to go with the Golden Girls for the name of this post! Thanks Jess! YOU ROCK!!


  1. I believe I may have started it by singing something from Milli Vanilli, ahhhh good times!!! HEHE!! You are so welcome and I hope you can use everything that I sent!!MWAHHH

  2. Wow, Jessie sent you a boatload of goodies!!

  3. Jodi - you are one lucky girl!!!

    I'm very fond of Jessie too and I'm so excited for you becoming a "Dirty Girl"!!! Enjoy it!!


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