December 30, 2008

Birthday and Christmas RAKS make me smile!!

Hi everyone!! Happy Tuesday still!! I have had such AWESOME mail days, so I just wanted to pop back in and share some of the GORGEOUS cards I have received for both Christmas and my birthday!!!
This first beauty is by Ann aka Stampin' Annie!! She is just the sweetest and I LOVE her cards!! How excited am I to actually have one!! Thanks Ann!!!

This next one is from my Dirty Dozen Roomie, Laura aka scrapnextras!! She amazes me with her talent and I am SO glad we got to be on the DD together! Thanks girlie!!!

Up next is this beauty from my fellow Prettie Girl Jessica aka The Whimsical Butterfly!! I LOVE all the sparkles and PINK on this!! Thanks chickie!!

This next AWESOME card is from Kelly aka schirmcat!! Kelly had a HYSTERICAL Naughty and Nice list this holiday season and I was so THRILLED that she had me on her NICE list!!! I LOVE this card! Thanks Kelly!!

This next AWESOME creation is from fellow Dirty Dozen Alumni Michelle aka SF9erfan!!! Michelle has gotten me TOTALLY hooked on Verve and I simply ADORE this card!! She even sent me some of the ribbon she used! Thanks girlie! You ROCK!!!

And last, but NEVER least, is this ROCKIN' amazing card from my bestest bud, Jessie aka Knightrone!! Now, we all know that Jessie's cards ROCK...but IRL, they are FAN FLIPPING Tastic!!! Thanks girlie! LOVE this!!!

Thanks girls for all the HAPPY mail!! And thanks for stopping by!!!


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