February 24, 2009

A Trendsetter??? Moi?????

Hi everyone!! Happy Tuesday! So...I have some SUPER exciting news to share today!! I am now a Trendsetter...that is, part of the Design Team at There She Goes!! HOW AWESOME IS THAT I ASK??? Pretty awesome I think :)

The new name for the There She Goes Design Team are the Trendsetters, and I am honored that Jessica thinks that I fit the bill!! I am SUPER excited to show samples of the newest TSG release, and if you check back here tomorrow, you will see a peek of the first set!!

Jesssica had a little challenge and people got to ask the Trendsetters some questions about their stamping (and personal!!) lives!! I am so excited to participate now that I am "official son" LOL!! (Perhaps all you Rob & Big fans out there get that???)
Anywho...onto the questions!!!

1. What do you typically start a project with? What's picked first: stamps, embellishments, DP, colors.....?
For me, I typically pick my stamps first, then I choose my dp (which is the fun part for me) and pick the colors based on what dp I choose. Embellies are always last for me, but I love em'.

2. Do you give away your cards, sell them, send them or hoard them? Or all of the above??(blushing here) I mostly hoard mine...not for any particular reason...I think I am just too lazy to actually go to the post office to have the correct postage calculated (my cards weigh alot...alot alot). When I do give them away, it is mostly to my family, my mom and mother in law save them all, so that makes me feel good (sometimes the thought of my cards in a garbage pail keeps me up at night...LOL!) I do sell them sometimes, usually at work when a holiday is coming up. So, I guess all of the above! (wow...would have been easier to just say all of the above huh?)

3. If you could design your own stamp or stamp set, what would it be?
Wowsa...this is a hard one...probably a Twilight themed set, since I am totally Twilight/Edward obsessed, it would be SUPER fun to make some Twilight cards for the rest of my Twilight Obsessed stamping pals!

4. Where do you get your inspiration?
Generally, I am inspired by the challenges both on SCS and on my favorite blogs (Mojo Monday, Jen's SFYTT, Beate's WSC), sketches are my favorite. I am also inspired by DP...I have tons of it and I just LOVE to use it on my cards.

5. How do you balance your stamping time with your personal time/work/kids/etc.?
Personal time? What's that? LOL! Well, I work full time, and I have an almost three year old daughter, so all of my stamping happens at night. Once my little one is in bed, I head downstairs and start stamping...now, I like coffee...alot, so with a few cups I can get quite a few hours of stamping in...of course the mornings aren't fun...

6. What is your favorite embellishment?

7. What is something that not a lot of people know about you?
Something not alot of people know about me...let me think...(I am trying not to think of something too racy...LOL!) Probably that I am a HUGE HUGE HUGE Bon Jovi fan (and I don't care what anyone says!!!). I have LOVED them for over 20 years now (my Dad took me to my first BJ concert in 1986) and I am known as Bon Jodi by my friends and family. Perhaps something more interesting...I have a tattoo...not alot of people know that...

8. On average how long does it take to create one of these fabulous cards we see each week??I would say, on average, it takes me about an hour to create a card...sometimes longer, depending on if I am using a challenge as a jumping off point, or just creating something from scratch.

9. What is your favorite coloring medium?
Right now, Copic Markers are my favorite, but I still LOVE to watercolor with my SU! inks and an Aquapainter. Whenever I make an SUO card, I watercolor with my inks!

10. What time of day do you prefer to do your creating?
Well, I would PREFER to stamp all day long, but since the mortgage has to be paid and my child needs to be raised, it's at night once I am home from work and she is in bed!!
Want to know all about the other Trendsetters? Of course you do...well, I have conveniently linked them all below...so go check it out!! (LOL! Can you tell I am feeling a little sassy...must be all that trendsetting!! LOL!!)
Jessie (yep...my girl Knightrone!!)
Thanks SO much for stopping by...and a special thank you and big stamping hug to Jessica for giving me this opportunity! Thanks Jess!!!


  1. Are you as surprised that are answers are REALLY similar....hmmm. Seriously though, you know you are my GIRL and I am SO EXCITED to get to be on another FABULOUS team with you!!MWAHHH!!

  2. Hi Jodi,
    I enjoyed reading your answers!
    Twilight stamp set would so cool!! Did you watch Oscar last night? I can stop staring at his eyes{@@} They are so beautiful!!
    I can't wait to get to know you more :)
    Have a good night! (When are you sleeping??)

  3. Congrats right back at ya! Am thrilled to be on the team with so many fabulous stampers. I hope some of that talent rubs off on me.

  4. Congratulations, Jodi. I am a relatively new visitor to your blog and I LOVE that you are a Bon Jovi girl, besides the fact that you create such lovely creations!! Thanks for sharing the insight, and don't forget to get some sleep now and then!!!

  5. OMG, you totally crack me up! Ok, I think that I'm gonna have to break down and read the Twilight series :)

  6. HUGE congrats girl - I'm so happy for you!! I love your work and know you'll knock our socks off with the new TSG stamps!! Bon Jodi {giggle} (I love them too!)

  7. Great answers girlie! :) And I would totally buy the Twilight set. Great new Edward pic too. Did you take the "who is your Twilight guy" quiz on FB yet? Love @ ya,

  8. A well deserved nomination. I have no doubt you will knock our socks off!!!

  9. HOLY COW you are Bizzzzzy chica!! Loved reading your responses! Can't wait to work with you!

  10. I laughed at your comment about finding something that wasn't too racey...haha!! CONGRATS on being invited to join the TSG team. I know you're gonna be AWESOME!...you know I'm a big fan of yours. :)

  11. Hey girl! So excited to be on the team with you, love your stuff! your answers were fun to read!

  12. Congrats Jodi! Totally well deserved...your work is just plain AWESOME! :D

  13. Hi Jodi - I'm sooooo looking forward playing with you!!! Welcome on board!!! Hugs ~Silke~

  14. Congrats Jodi!! I am so excited to be working with you on another team! You know I've been a Bon Jodi fan for awhile! LOL BTW, my friend is going to let me borrow the Twilight series soon!! Woot!

  15. I just saw this in the the TSG newsletter!! You go girl!!!

    Don't ever be ashamed of loving Bon Jovi.....hehe!!

  16. Yikes you are one busy girl! congrats on being chosen for this DT!!! fun answers - I want to see your Tattoo when I meet you in March!!! (and I'll show you mine!)

  17. Big congrats Jodi! You work is amazing and I can't wait to see more of it :) Welcome to the team!

  18. CONGRATS!!! How cool so many fabulous people on the team!! Can't wait to see more! :)

  19. Congrats on being chosen for this fabulous DT!! Can't wait to see your work!! I'm impressed by your blog already!!


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