March 27, 2012

MFT Creative Chat - Stamp Storage!

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  Welcome to this month's MFT Creative Chat!  This month the MFT Design Team is sharing with you how we store our MFT Stamps!  YAY!  I LOVE the Creative Chat...can't wait to see how the rest of the girls organize their stamps!

Here is a shot of my MFT stamp storage.  I use two (so storage carts to store my stamps, one is a four drawer and my newest addition has six drawers and I LOVE this one.  I got it at Staples HERE.   You can see a bit of my Edward in the background (smile) and my Meredith who was working at her stamp desk behind my area.

I have all of my drawers labeled to show which stamps are in each one.  I've used the Tag You're It Die-Namics and cut them out of Kraft Cardstock.  Here is a shot of my two drawers that house the a la modes.  For the top tag I used The a la modes in Rock Star and the second drawer I've used The a la modes in Miss You A Latte.  I've used the By The Letters Die-Namics for each tag to spell out which stamps are in the drawers as well.  LOVE the look of that!

Here is a peek inside one of my a la modes drawers.  You'll note that my MFT Stamps look a bit different from yours...I work with designer samples so mine aren't packaged the same way yours are.  I label each one of mine as soon as I receive it with a Brother P Touch Label Maker.

The next two drawers house my Claire Keay stamps and all my larger stamp sets.  I used Little Loveosaurus on the Claire Kaey tag and Just My Type for the "misc" tag.

The next two drawers house my Clearly Sentimental sets and my Inspired By set.  The "cs" tag was stamped with a sentiment from Clearly Sentimental About Success and the "ib" tag was stamped with the birdhouse from Inspired By Birds.

Here is a peek into my Inspired By drawer:

The next two drawers are for my alphabet stamp sets and my Fred Bear sets.  I also keep my Flopsey sets with Fred :)  I've used Fred Bear and the Megaphone for my "fb" tag.

Next up, in a large drawer, are my Who's That Girl sets.  I've used the darling Sunflower WTG for my "wtg" tag.

The last drawer houses my Pure Innocence sets, and I've used the darling Pure Innocence Cowgirl for my "pi" tag.  This drawer is chock full with ALL of the Pure Innocence sets from MFT...I just love them!

Here is a peek inside my Pure Innocence drawer.  There is a bit of organization within this drawer...I keep all the Pure Innocence boys together, as well as the Pure Innocence Year of Flowers girls.  Other than that, I just try and keep them in even size piles so that they don't slip and slide when I open the drawer.

Here are the Die-Namics I've used to create my tags:

Thanks SO much for stopping by!  Please head on over to Kim's Blog for a listing of all the designers participating in today's Creative Chat!  I hope to see you back here tomorrow when MFTeasers begin!

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  1. love the tags you have created on your drawers :)

  2. oh, my! I can't get over how cute your drawer labels are....cute storage! thanks for sharing.

  3. oh, my! I can't get over how cute your drawer labels are....cute storage! thanks for sharing.

  4. Thanks for the storage idea, Jodi! Love the way you label using the tag and the label maker. Do you keep a catalogue of the sets you own too? I always wanted to start one but it takes a bit of time to set that up ;) Perhaps someday. Have a great day!

  5. Very cute! Great idea to label the sets directly on the plastic. I need to do that today. I never remember the names when I'm posting my cards. TFS!!


  6. Wow! That's so organised Jodi! Fabulous storage! Thanks for sharing!


  7. You are the queen of organization, Jodi! Great set up.

  8. Jodi, I LOVE how you used the tag and alpha dienamics! Now I want to go organize something so I can use that too! thanks so much for participating in this Creative Chat!

  9. This is fun!! Looks like room to grow! Thansk for sharing!!

  10. Wow, this is fabulous! I WISH I was that organized. I have bins for all of my stamps and sort by manufacturer- but need to sort further especially for those that I have more than 25 of. LOL

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