April 24, 2012

MFT Design Team Creative Challenge - Copic Markers & Storage!

Hi everyone!  Happy Tuesday!  It's time for the MFT Design Team Creative Chat, and this month it's all about the Copic Markers!
Like SO many stampers, I am utterly obsessed with my Copic Markers.  I love to use them, organize them, catalog them...I just LOVE them!  LOL!!

Here is a glimpse at my Copic Marker storage.  I use two Magpie Storage containers (I don't think that these are made anymore) to store all of my markers, and I have them turned on their sides as they won't fit on my stamp desk standing straight up and down. These are directly in front of me while I stamp as they are, without a doubt, my most reached for tools.

I have my markers separated by color families, so all the YG markers are together, and all the BV markers are together, and so on.  Some color families, such as the R markers, E markers and B markers, have more than one cubby simply because of the amount of them.  I use the last row to house my Spica Glitter Pens, Copic Multliners and some other assorted pens, like gel pens and glue pens.

I keep a master list of all the Copic Markers in my collection using the fabulous Copic Chart from Sharon Harnist.  You can find her amazing charts HERE on her blog. I keep this chart in a plastic sleeve attached to the cabinet above my markers, and refer to it constantly when matching cardstock or patterned papers.

I have a few refills, for the colors that I use most often, and I keep them in a wooden storage box in one of the drawers in my stamp desk.  They are easy to get to if I need them but not out taking up valuable desktop space.

I have a Copic Airbrush system and I really enjoy using it.  I don't use it all that often, so for me, the air cans are a better value than investing in the compressor.  I think I've only gone through two air cans in the past year or so.

I do have a portable Copic Marker chart that I take with me if I am going shopping.  I always bring it with me if I am going away...you never know when you will find a stamp store!

I have a few "go to" color combinations that I use quite often.  When coloring Pure Innocence or a la modes stamps from My Favorite Things, my favorite color combo for skin tones is:

E000, E00, E11, E21 and E33

I normally make all my girls brunettes (perhaps because I am a brunette?) and my favorite color combo for brunette hair is:

E57, E37, E29 and E49

Thanks SO much for stopping by!  Please head on over to Kim's Blog for a listing of all the designers participating in this month's Creative Chat!  MFTeasers start tomorrow (yay!), so I hope to see you back here for them!


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  1. We seem to have a similar storage system. Forgot about my air gun, love it a use it all the time ... You need a compressor ;)

  2. I love it. hmmmm, I forgot about the air can option...that might be good for me (I haven't been able to justify a compressor).

  3. Awesome! Thanks for the reminder about the air...I have mine and haven't used it in forever!

  4. Very cool Jodi! LOVE your travel book. :-)

  5. Look at the beautiful rainbow of Copics!! Love it! Thanks for the idea of the can instead of a compressor :)

  6. SWOON!! Wonderful organization Jodi!! TFS!!

    Crafty Hugs!

  7. Awesome!! I love these chats, and I love Copics! I love how you store them RIGHT where you need them!!

  8. Jodi, thanks for sharing your awesome storage and the air can idea -- great for beginners such as myself! Thanks, thanks, thanks.

  9. Thanks for the great info on copics! I appreciated the info about the air can....definitely the way to go for me since I am a beginner with copics! :)


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