October 24, 2014

Organization For Your Creative Space: Buttons & Ribbon!


Hi everyone!  Happy Friday!

Buttons and ribbons are tools of the trade when it comes to adding those finishing details to our projects and packages but they can quickly overwhelm us in volume and sheer number of color, shape, and size options. This month, the MFT Design Team is sharing how we are able to manage our multitude of trimmings.

I LOVE to organize my supplies almost as much as I love actually using them!  I am excited to share how I organize and store my buttons and ribbons with you today!  The only buttons and ribbon that I have in my stash are MFT Replenishments.  You can find the gorgeous buttons HERE and the beautiful ribbons HERE.

I store most of my stamping supplies, along with finished cards and decorative items in an Expedit from Ikea.  I believe that they have since discontinued the Expedit but Ikea does now have a comparable model.  Here is a look at one of the shelves that house my buttons.

Shelf 1

I have four of these clear compartment boxes from The Container Store.  They were $15.99 each and have 12 compartments in each box.  They have a hinged lid and are perfect to house buttons and other small items.  I keep them stacked two per shelf so that they are easily accessible.


As you can see in my red/pink/orange button box, each compartment can fit quite a lot of buttons.  In fact, an entire bag of MFT Buttons fits in each compartment.  I have my four boxes separated into neutrals, red/pink/orange, green/yellow and blue/purple.  When I purchase a bag of buttons from MFT, I empty each bag into a compartment, and then cut out the label from the bag that lists the name of the color.  I then add that to the compartment so that I can easily identify which color is which.  I was going to label the lid on top of each compartment, but I like the option of being able to move my buttons around as new colors are added. 

Button Storage

Next up is my ribbon storage. 

Shelf 2

I keep all of my ribbons in a one gallon glass cookie jar with lid.  I like to be able to see all of the pretty colors, it reminds me of a jar in a candy shop!

61TNl5oZl L._SL1500_

I wind my ribbons onto doll pins.  These come 30 in a bag and I paid about $4.00 per bag. 


In this jar are two bags worth, so 60 doll pins full of ribbon!  MFT Ribbons are sold per color in 5 yard bundles.  I wind approximately half of each bundle, or 2.5 yards, on each doll pin. 

Ribbon Spools

Here is a look at my Expedit, well, most of it.  I couldn’t get back far enough to get the entire unit in my shot.  You can see the buttons and ribbons are on the top shelf, along with some decorative items.  The other shelves house my stamps, Die-namics, finished  and other supplies.  I keep cards that I’ve received from my stamping friends on display on the top of the unit.


MFT Supplies

Thanks SO much for stopping by!  I sure hope you’ve enjoyed peeking into my stamping space!  Please head on over to the MFT Blog for a listing of all the designers sharing their storage solutions today!



  1. Oh my Jodi that is awesome I want to come over and craft with you hehehehehe thanks for sharing I love the large jar <3

  2. So beautiful. Love the signs and little touches around your shelf.

  3. I thought reorganizing our supplies was part of the hobby. LOL! I love the old fashioned closthes pins for storing ribbon.

  4. I am so green with envy on your space.. love the organization and display cubes!

  5. Love the sign! I never would have thought of clothes pins

  6. Love how you organize and also how you display. I noticed the small bins on the bottom of your cubes that hold your finished cards...where did you get those white bins and what are they called? jeandonny2000 at hotmail dot com


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