November 6, 2010 follow!!

Hi everyone! Happy Saturday!!

I will have my Sketch For You To Try card up (hopefully!!) soon. It seems as though my five week old thinks that sleep is optional (groan!), so I am a bit...exhausted!!!

In the meantime, please check out my fabulous SFYTT sisters and their beautiful creations right here:

Amber Hight
Amy Rohl
Amy Sheffer
Carole Burrage (taking some time off)
Jen del Muro
Jenn Diercks
Kelly Lunceford (taking some time off)
Megan Lock
Sony Christoph
Susan Liles
and Stephanie Muzzulin, our Fab November Designer of the Month!

Hope to be back soon with my card (and another latte...or two). Thanks SO much for stopping by!!



  1. Jodi, I remember those days. I had twins and used a nature sound CD to help them sleep. Maybe it will work for your precious one as well. They are now 21 years old and sleep very well. :) Try to get some rest girl.



  2. uh she trying to be the boss already?????!!!


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